▪ « The Application» : it refers to the mobile application "Quick-Wash", that is to say the downloadable software from App Store and Android, its updates as well as all the elements related to it such as databases, graphics, photos, logos, music and other elements of the mobile Application and the website.

▪ « Terms of Use» : it refers to these General Terms of Use, accessible from the Website and the Application, which define the terms of access and the use of the Application.

▪ « Client » : all individuals and / or legal entities using the services of Quick-Wash.

▪ « User »: it means any person who has downloaded the Application and use it on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

▪ « Website » : it means the Website operated by the individual company Quick-Wash on the Internet, available at

▪ « Order » : any request for collection and delivery of items made by a Client to Quick-Wash;

▪ « Services » : laundry and ironing services of items collected and delivered at home or at the addresses indicated by the Client, as provided by Quick-Wash in Lausanne and surroundings;


The purpose of the Application is to collect and deliver at home or at the addresses indicated by the Client in Lausanne and its surroundings the laundry and ironing services of items offered by the Quick-Wash Application.

2.1 – Legal Notices

These General Terms and Conditions of use apply, without limitation or qualification, to the use of the Free Downloadable App, which is executable from the operating system of the mobile phone or the tablet of the User.

The Application is published and developed by the individual company, Quick-Wash, registered in the Swiss Trade Register under number CHE-113.230.478.

2.2 Acceptance of the General Terms of Use

Downloading and using the Application imply that the User acknowledges having read and accepts, without limitation or reservation, all the General Terms of Use.

The company Quick-Wash reserves the right at any time without notice, in its sole discretion and without liability to the User to modify the General Terms of Use.

The use of the Application thus modified implies that the User acknowledges having read and accepts, without limitation or reservation, all of the new General Terms of Use.

The company Quick-Wash reserves the right to modify without notice and for any reason its pricing principle and / or purely and simply remove the Application.


3.1 Downloading the Application

The mobile Application can be downloaded for free by the User from an online download platform including: The App Store, the Apple download platform; the Play Store as well as the Alphabet platform (Google).

3.2 Functions and registration

The User provides the necessary information to create an account and to use the Services of the Application. To place an Order, the Client must be registered on the mobile Application and have activated push notifications. Registration is deemed effected when the Client is registered on the mobile Application Quick-Wash.
In order to have an appropriate service the User must provide basic information that can be considered as personal. Without this information the service cannot be offered.

3.3. Potential charges

By accepting the General Terms of Use of Quick-Wash the User is aware that certain functions, such as placing an Order, require an internet connection and therefore may give rise to additional costs for the User. Quick-Wash does not contribute to these costs.


4.1. Prices

The applicable prices are those appearing on the mobile Application of the seller when placing an Order and include all taxes.

4.2. Conclusion of the contract

The Client may change his Order or his collection and delivery dates up to the step "Order summary", after which his Order is validated. After the validation of his Order, the Client may within an hour delete his order under "Order history". By this time limit the Client can no longer cancel the Order and this latter is definitively confirmed.

4.3. Terms of collection and delivery

Collection and delivery are within the time slots chosen by the Client.

By means of a notification Quick-Wash informs the Client one hour before the time slot for the collection and also one hour before the time slot for the delivery chosen by the Client.

The Client cannot ask for a collection the same day as he places an Order. He can only select the time slots from 24 hours after the time of his Order.

Collection and delivery must take place at least 48 hours apart. Some dates may be unavailable due to overload. In this case, the dates in question cannot be selected when ordering. Collection and delivery dates cannot normally be reported by Quick-Wash. In case of exceptional postponement Quick-Wash will contact the Client as soon as possible.

If the Client is missing and unreachable during collection or delivery a fee of 12 CHF will be charged.

An Order of the Client does not automatically generate a physical invoice. Quick-Wash will only issue an invoice if the above rules are not respected (charges invoicing). During a collection or delivery to an inaccessible address, the Client must meet the driver following the phone call from the latter.
Quick-Wash can contact the Client via standard calls, SMS, WhatsApp and emails at any time to make sure that it is the right Client or to ensure that the Order is correct.

4.4. Conditions of payment

The Client settles from delivery the amount (all taxes included) of his Order by using Twint, cash or credit / debit card. The valid currency for payment in cash is the Swiss franc (CHF). Quick-Wash can also accept payments in euros at a rate of 1 (1 EUR = 1 CHF).


The company Quick-Wash will not be responsible for any damage or alteration of the User, in cases where this latter does not take the necessary precautions mentioned above.
The Client has 7 days since delivery to report any claim to Quick-Wash.
Quick-Wash is exonerated in case of negligence. What is more, Quick-Wash does not respond to cases of force majeure or if the item to be treated does not support the cleaning process recommended on the care label. Quick-Wash is absolved of all liability in the absence of a care label. Quick-Wash also shall not be liable for any damage caused by non-identifiable properties or undetectable defects such as insufficient strength of fabrics or seams, poor color or printing, presence for instance of a pen in a lining, pre-existing defects, deterioration such as buttons, buckles, zippers, epaulettes, ornaments, or if the care label is incorrect.

Delays in collection or delivery do not give rise to any compensation.
Quick-Wash reserves the right to refuse an Order or a Client.
The Client does not have a right of withdrawal.


The data provided by the User is stored on the servers managed by the Infomaniak service provider. These servers are located in Switzerland and are managed in accordance with the Swiss privacy and data protection laws. Quick-Wash reserves the right to analyze the data for optimization purposes of the service either in the sale or in the improvement of the application in any way. It guarantees secure access to the Website and the data encryption in transit.


The content of the Site is the property of the company Quick-Wash and it is protected by Swiss and International laws regarding the intellectual property.

Any full or partial reproduction of this content is strictly prohibited and may constitute an offense of counterfeiting. In case of copy, Quick-Wash could potentially sue.

Quick-Wash is registered in the commercial register. A use of the name Quick-Wash for commercial purposes is prohibited without the agreement of this company.


The functions and / or characteristics of the Application and / or related services are upgradeable. The User is informed that the company Quick-Wash reserves the right to launch new services but also, according to his desire and in its sole discretion, modify or delete the use or features, sections and / or Services at any time.


The User may unilaterally decide to delete the Application at any time by removing it from his mobile phone or tablet, without any other formalities. Please note that removing the Application from the phone does not automatically delete the account. If the Client wants to completely delete his account, he should send an email to indicating his wish to definitively delete his account. Quick-Wash will delete the account of his Client.


If one or more provisions of these General Terms of Sale should be void in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.


The General Terms of Use of the Quick-Wash Service are governed exclusively by Swiss law. In case of dispute, refer to Article 12.
The General Terms of Use are written in French. If they are translated into one or more other languages and there is a difference of interpretation or text between the various versions, the one written in French shall prevail.


All disputes that may arise from these General Terms of Use, concerning their validity, their interpretation, their execution, their termination, their consequences and their impacts will be submitted to the competent courts under the conditions of common law. In case of dispute, the competent exclusive place of jurisdiction is Lausanne.